“The training program helped me improve my confidence and communication skills due to the interactive class sessions we always had. I now feel equipped and I am looking forward to using the knowledge gained to educate more youth from my community by organizing open forums where the youth can freely express themselves and be agents of the change we really need.” Thank you for the opportunity to learn.


“The program was a great experience, especially getting to learn, share ideas and interact with people from different places. I added knowledge to what I know. My future plan is now to educate more people and create legal awareness everywhere.”


“The program was so interesting and I really enjoyed the teachings. The topics that captivated me most were Sexual offences, Eviction, Rights of arrested persons and Labour laws. This is because these are the areas that my community members daily face challenges in. I was therefore so keen to gain the knowledge and pass it to them so as to free them from abuse.”


“My greatest experience was meeting new friends and learning a lot from each and every one of them. The teachers were so friendly and very clear in each and every topic that they covered. Whatever we did not understand they were always available to make it clear to us.”


“My experience with Sheria Mashinani was awesome and I feel privileged to be part of the team. It was a great experience to get to learn Law. Thank you to the entire Sheria Mashinani team for the opportunity.”


“My general experience under the program has been positive. I am now able to help on matters arising in my community relating to law and that for me is my biggest take away. My future plans are to organize forums where we can meet community members, get their experiences, share our knowledge and also sensitize them on some basic laws that they are not aware of.”


“The session was awesome; it enabled us to bond and to gain knowledge on some of the basics of law. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Sheria Mashinani at 8. Thank you for the opportunity.”